You can be a Child-Healthcare Professional who protects children’s needs, feelings and opinions.

My aim is to equip Child-Healthcare Professionals (CHP) with the tools that will enable them to provide care through a child-friendly approach.

“My professional experience as a Paediatrician directed me to pursue a career in ‘Medical Anthropology’. I wanted to find an effective way to explain chronic-illnesses to paediatric-patients… ‘PLAY’ was the answer”.

Paulina Pérez-Duarte Mendiola
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¡Hola! I am Paulina Pérez-Duarte Mendiola, MD, MSc.

I am a clinical paediatrician, medical anthropologist and PhD Student. My career has focused on improving the holistic outcomes of children’s health and addressing healthcare inequalities. 

I am currently the Director of Advocacy and Engagement at Pediatric Potential Inc. a non-profit organisation aimed at redefining international paediatric healthcare experiences.

Faculty of Education News…

“A Cambridge student has started a play and health initiative that she hopes will eventually grow into a ‘revolution’ in paediatric care and encourage more child-friendly, playful approaches in the field” Read more…

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UCL Medical Anthropology

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